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85% of people report feeling pain in their hands and wrists when using standard underarm crutches. Whether you rely on crutches long-term, or you use them during recovery.

A hinged arm cradle can be unlocked to provide an enhanced range of motion by enabling you to reach for things without having to remove your crutch.Made of flexible anti-microbial material, the M+D Crutch arm bands conform to your arms to provide maximum support with the ability to get in and out of your crutches quickly and easily.The ergonomic hand grips rotate out of the way with the push of a button, freeing your hands for other things..


Weight Suspension treadmill.

ARahaGam Weight Suspension treadmill structure With the help of tavan bartar parsian specialists and engineers has been completed and Is produced in 1397.

Virtual Reality

We bring together the expertise and experience of computer science in order to create unique projects in virtual reality for educational institutions and companies and industriesics

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated environment which is presented in some way that user accepts as a real environment. Virtual reality involves both visual and auditory senses and the person interacts with the environment built up against his eyes.

Training and 3D printers

All people (artisan ... student ... housekeeper ..)

A 3D printer attracts the attention of all people of all ages and allows them to think beyond the boundaries.

Hope Hand

Robot Hand Rehab

Hands-on project is a new technology that combines the latest advances in robotics and nerves to help rehabilitate and retrieve hand movements of patients after stroke.

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